One factor affecting older people’s quality of life and wellbeing is oral health. Unfortunately, according to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), over 60% of Australians aged 75 and above suffer from complete tooth loss and severe gum disease. 

What happened to the senior’s hesitation for a regular dental visit? Blame it on the lack of information encouraging them about proper dental care. You may wonder how only young people are seen on toothpaste ads, billboards, television commercials, or online campaigns. Compared to seniors, youngsters are more convincing because of their sparkling white teeth. 

Why Teeth Becomes Yellowish As We Age?

Yellowish teeth don’t necessarily equate to poor dental care. However, after years of chewing and grinding, it will experience the general ‘wear and tear’. This is inevitable as we age because our teeth consist of two layersenamel and dentin. 

The nerve and blood supply is located on the inner layer called dentine. The outer layer is enamel, made of calcium and phosphorus crystal responsible for the teeth’s translucent surface. Over time, our enamel wears out and lessens teeth’s translucence and eventually increases the risk of cavities. So what you see is the naturally yellowish dentin.

What to Consider in Teeth Whitening for Older Adults?

Teeth whitening applies to any age of adulthood. Different affordable home whitening products effectively remove the stains on your teeth, but it has to be used with consideration, especially with seniors. Here are some of the whitening treatments you can try:

Whitening Toothpaste

The most affordable oral care is whitening toothpaste. It is safe can slightly remove the stain on the surface of your teeth caused by frequent smoking or drinking coffee. However, it doesn’t penetrate deeper than a tooth surface and bring back the natural colour of your enamel. It has a minimal amount of bleaching agent which takes longer to whiten your teeth.

Dental Bleaching Trays

Over-the-counter dental bleaching trays have more concentrated hydrogen peroxide than whitening toothpaste. It is made of flexible materials that gently fit your teeth and whiten the surface. There are dental professionals who offer custom-made mold that perfectly fit your teeth. You’ll get faster teeth whitening results with this effective option.

Whitening Strips

The best alternative to dental bleaching trays is whitening strips with numerous products available. You can achieve that bright smile faster and easier. The gel’s hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is spread on the strip then placed on the surface of your teeth. Make sure to use these in moderation because overuse will permanently damage your tooth’s enamel and penetrate the lower layer of teeth.

Consult your Dentist First

Before using any home teeth whitening products or DIY whitening procedures, it is critical to consult your dentist first. Although visiting a dentist is more expensive than any cost effective tubes or toothpaste or teeth whitening kits, it is the safest thing to do for an extensive health problems assessment before treatment. In addition, seniors have overall sensitive health, and your dentist will address those issues first before whitening right away your teeth.

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