These days, social media platforms like TikTok have become a hub for sharing trends and hacks across various domains—including dental care. While TikTok can be a source of entertainment and inspiration, it’s crucial to approach dental trends on this platform with extreme caution. Let’s dig deep into the potential dangers of following TikTok dental trends and provide valuable insights to help you protect your smile.

Lack of Professional Guidance

One of the primary concerns with TikTok dental trends is the lack of professional guidance. Many viral dental trends lack input from qualified dental professionals who understand the intricacies of oral health. Attempting DIY dental treatments without adequate knowledge or professional supervision can cause adverse consequences and potentially harm your oral health.

For example, a popular TikTok teeth trend encourages using household items like baking soda or lemon juice for teeth whitening. While these ingredients can be considered natural remedies for discoloured teeth because of their mild whitening properties, they can be highly abrasive when used incorrectly or excessively. With improper use, they can erode the tooth enamel and cause tooth sensitivity, increased vulnerability to cavities and even irreversible tooth damage.

Here’s our tip: Always talk to a dental professional before trying DIY dental treatment. They can provide personalised advice and recommend professional dental care. Also, if you’re looking for instantly noticeable results, consider SmileBar’s professional teeth whitening. It’s safe and effective and offers long-lasting results.

Potential for Misinformation

TikTok’s fast-paced nature and virality can contribute to the spread of misinformation, including dental advice. It’s essential to approach TikTok dental trends critically and verify the information before following them. Otherwise, relying on unverified or inaccurate information can lead to ineffective or even harmful practices, jeopardising your dental well-being.

For instance, some TikTok users promote “gap bands” as a quick fix for closing gaps between teeth. These bands, typically made of elastic, are intended to be placed around teeth to exert pressure. But using them without professional guidance can lead to misalignment, gum damage or even tooth loss. Orthodontic treatments should always be performed under the supervision of a qualified orthodontist.

Here’s our tip: Trust only information from reliable sources, such as dental associations or reputable dental professionals. They can provide accurate guidance and educate you on the potential risks associated with dangerous TikTok trends.

Risk of Tooth Damage

Have you ever watched a TikTok user scrubbing their teeth with activated charcoal or any other chemical product? They may seem appealing to follow, especially if they’ve demonstrated great results, but be wary not to. Scrubbing teeth vigorously with abrasive substances or using harsh chemical mixtures can erode the enamel. It can lead to tooth sensitivity and other irreversible tooth damage.

Specifically, activated charcoal is highly abrasive and can wear down the enamel over time. Plus, it may not effectively remove stains, and its prolonged use can lead to a grey appearance on the teeth—defeating the purpose of whitening your teeth.

Here’s our tip: Stick to oral products approved by dental professionals and have undergone rigorous testing. Speak to a dentist who can recommend safe and effective at-home teeth whitening products that can address your specific needs. 

TikTok Dental Trends


Oral Health Complications

TikTok trends promoting DIY braces or aligners can be particularly problematic. Orthodontic treatments require careful planning and supervision to ensure proper tooth movement and alignment. Without professional oversight, attempts to straighten teeth can lead to irreversible damage and long-term oral health issues.

Here’s our tip: If you have concerns about the alignment of your teeth, go to a qualified dentist or orthodontist. They will assess your dental condition and provide appropriate and affordable treatment options tailored to your oral needs.

Ignoring Individual Dental Needs

Every individual’s dental health is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach promoted in TikTok trends may not consider these individual needs. Following trends without considering your specific dental condition, such as pre-existing dental issues or allergies, can lead to unforeseen complications or discomfort.

For example, DIY teeth whitening kits available on TikTok may not account for dental sensitivity or other oral health concerns. Using such products without professional advice may exacerbate existing dental issues and cause unnecessary discomfort. You may have saved some money by going the DIY route, but you may spend more in the long run if you develop or exacerbate multiple dental issues because of that. 

Here’s our tip: Always consult a dental professional who can evaluate your oral health and recommend suitable treatments based on your specific needs and concerns. Cutting costs through DIY trends can do more harm than good. 

Summing It Up

While TikTok dental trends may seem enticing and convenient, you should prioritise your dental health and approach them with caution. Remember, protecting your smile should always be based on reliable information and trusted dental expertise rather than fleeting trends on social media platforms like TikTok. Stay informed, seek professional guidance and always make wise decisions for your smile’s longevity.