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If you find yourself sporting a closed smile in photos, quickly shutting your mouth when you laugh out loud or placing a hand in front of your face, SmileBar professional teeth whitening Melbourne treatments are for you. In the age of selfies, it can be easy to notice when your teeth are a little less white than you would like. While the idea of giving up those things we love like coffee and wine seem ludicrous, there are things we can do to help restore our pearly whites to their former glory.

Like to do anything you can to avoid the dentist’s chair? While we all build up the courage and the funds to attend our yearly checkups, there are tooth whitening procedures we can do ourselves on our quest for sparkling teeth. Using a 6% Hydrogen Peroxide over 60 or 90 minutes is the perfect teeth whitening procedure when you want to avoid high sensitivity or pain that is commonly experienced with dentist whitening treatments. Of course, while this may make your teeth visibly whiter (up to 10 shades lighter, in fact), you will still need to attend the dentist for that regular checkup. You should also avoid red wine, coffee and tea while you are in the process of using our whitening system.

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Our team can conduct teeth whitening in Melbourne CBD, as well as a number of other locations throughout Australia, including Sydney dental clinic. Our friendly team will get to work determining your initial shade prior to your teeth whitening treatment, then SmileBar’s teeth whitening gel is applied and you LED light is applied for either 60 or 90 minutes depending on which treatment you select. When your treatment is completed simply enjoy your white smile and laugh out loud without getting self-conscious. For best results we recommend SmileBar Ultra Bright Treatment as the best teeth whitening options.

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SmileBar Treatments

SmileBar Triple Action 3 applications x 20 minutes
$199 Save $50 - Regular price $249

SmileBar’s triple treatment is designed for clients that frequently enjoy a cup of coffee or a cheeky glass of red. Using the highest grade professional salon whitening gel, in conjunction with a state-of-the-art dental teeth whitening machine. A brighter, whiter smile is achievable in just 3x20 min applications.

Check out our teeth whitening gallery to see real results achieved by our customers.

SmileBar Ultra Bright 3 applications x 30 minutes
$249 Save $50 - Regular price $299

For when you need to look your best - SmileBar’s Ultra-White Treatment is the ultimate in-chair teeth whitening treatment. Three 30 minute sessions of intensive teeth whitening deliver incredible results for client’s looking for the whitest possible shade, while still looking natural.

This treatment is ACCC compliant and has been developed to brighten your smile with minimal sensitivity.

Real Results

Thomas’s teeth before and after whitening treatment
Thomas, 25 Bankstown, NSW
Teeth after whitening session with our Melbourne dentist
Sadie, 30 Malvern, VIC
Andy’s white teeth after bleaching
Andy, 39 Parramatta, NSW
Kassandra’s teeth after treatment with our Melbourne clinic
Kassandra, 44 Thomastown, VIC