Whiter teeth undoubtedly improve one’s confidence. It has become a top trend and gained more popularity over the years because of Instagram and Tiktok influencers. 

For those who have endured many years of braces and its procedure, it is understandable that you also want to know how soon you can whiten your teeth after braces as you want to flex your perfect sweet smile. 

Teeth whitening after braces can be possibly done as early as six months after brace removal. However, it would be best if you first discussed the proper teeth whitening treatment and plans with your dentist. They will need to assess whether it can be done sooner or if there is a need to wait a little longer as your teeth just recovered from months or years of wearing braces.  

Why is it recommended to have professional teeth whitening treatment after braces?

It is a surprise to a lot of people to see discoloured or stained teeth after braces. This is because the brackets shield the teeth and their enamel from food and drinks that cause a stain. This results in the teeth’ uneven colour and is mainly why most people want to avail of professional teeth whitening procedures right after brace removal. 

Wearing braces for a long time also adds to the accumulation of plaque in the crevices of the teeth. Plus, it makes brushing more difficult. These two are also the reason why there is discolouration and stains in your teeth. Most doctors recommend patients with braces rinse and brush every after a meal and practice flossing twice a day to aid in brushing and prevent plaque and tartar from damaging their teeth. 

What are the most common teeth whitening treatments?

The technological advancement everyone is enjoying nowadays has made teeth whitening procedures simpler and more effective to last and deliver excellent results. So, here are the most common teeth whitening treatments that you may want to consider in the future.

  • In-office dental bleaching

This treatment uses a high-concentrated peroxide gel that effectively removes stains and tartar. It delivers fast results which can last for a year. It may be considered a costly procedure, but its long-term effect outweighs its price. 

  • In-chair teeth whitening treatment

In-chair teeth whitening treatment includes a high-concentrated bleach that is applied to your teeth. This is then activated by a UV light which heats the solution and allows it to penetrate deeper into the enamel. This treatment offers instant results and takes only 60 to 90 minutes.

SmileBar offers Ultra-Bright Treatment, their version of an in-chair teeth whitening procedure. This procedure is done in 90 minutes and is known to deliver the whitest and most natural shade possible for you. The best thing about SmileBar’s Ultra-Bright Treatment is it is compliant with the guidelines of ACCC and is known to provide you with the brightest smile without sensitivity. 

  • Triple Treatment by SmileBar

This treatment is recommended for those who enjoy coffee and wine as it uses the highest-grade professional whitening gel and machine that brightens and whitens your teeth in 60 minutes. 

Coffee and wine are known to be the most challenging stains to remove from your teeth. Thus, the Triple Treatment is the perfect solution as over-the-counter, and home solutions aren’t enough remedies for these two. 

How much is teeth whitening after braces? 

The cost depends on the treatment you choose to undergo. However, it ranges from $199 to $1000. Laser whitening treatment is known to be the most expensive. 


It is often a wonder as to when you can whiten your teeth after braces as you do not want to ruin your years of sacrifice by doing it sooner or later. Although it is advised to wait at least 6 months after brace removal, you should consult your dentist first. They can evaluate the current condition of your teeth and see if they are ready to take on another procedure. We hope you got the answers you are looking for through this article. 

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