Smilebar Australia
  • We determine your initial shade
  • Sit comfortably in our designer chair
  • Application of the whitening gel
  • Relax under the LED light that activates the gel
  • Enjoy your new smile!

SmileBar Treatments

SmileBar Triple Action 3 applications x 20 minutes
$199 Save $50 - Regular price $249

SmileBar’s triple treatment is designed for clients that frequently enjoy a cup of coffee or a cheeky glass of red. Using the highest grade professional salon whitening gel, in conjunction with a state-of-the-art dental teeth whitening machine. A brighter, whiter smile is achievable in just 3x20 min applications.

Check out our teeth whitening gallery to see real results achieved by our customers.

SmileBar Ultra Bright 3 applications x 30 minutes
$249 Save $50 - Regular price $299

For when you need to look your best - SmileBar’s Ultra-White Treatment is the ultimate in-chair teeth whitening treatment. Three 30 minute sessions of intensive teeth whitening deliver incredible results for client’s looking for the whitest possible shade, while still looking natural.

This treatment is ACCC compliant and has been developed to brighten your smile with minimal sensitivity.

Real Results

Before and After Teeth Whitening Treatment
Thomas, 25 Bankstown, NSW
Before and After Teeth Whitening Treatment
Sadie, 30 Malvern, VIC
Before and After Teeth Whitening Treatment
Andy, 39 Parramatta, NSW
Before and After Smile Bar Teeth Whitening Treatment
Kassandra, 44 Thomastown, VIC