There are many options of at-home teeth whitening kits available on the market. You can buy them easily at your dentist, local pharmacy, convenience store or online shop. Among the popular ones are whitening toothpaste, whitening pen, whitening foam and whitening trays.

People favoured those products because of their simplicity and affordability. Like any teeth whitening product, at-home teeth whitening kits also use bleaching agents. Hydrogen peroxide is the most common bleaching agent found in at-home teeth whitening kits. It removes stains on your enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth. 

This bleaching agent can be dangerous to your gum and nerves if you recklessly use it. If you use more than prescribed on the instructions, your teeth could be susceptible to deterioration and discolouration. It is exactly the opposite of what you want to get from the product. 

More than that, if you have underlying conditions such as tooth decay or periodontal disease, those peroxide on teeth could do more harm than good. 

The good news is, this article will help you understand more about how to make those at-home teeth whitening kits work safely. 

Know the Ingredients and Usage Directions

The first step is to read. All home teeth whitening kits come with instructions and a list of ingredients. You can prevent unnecessary harm by simply reading the ingredients. If you don’t understand a chemical name, ask your dentist or search it on the internet. 

You might also consider buying a product that contains an enamel-building agent such as hydroxyapatite. This agent promotes enamel repair and production. Having healthy enamel is one of the best ways to prevent teeth staining. 

Choose the Product that Suits Your Condition

Consult with your dentist about your teeth condition. If they are healthy enough, i.e. without decay, cavities, cracked or broken teeth, and you have healthy gums, you are good to go to use home teeth whitening kits. 

You also need to know that the bleaching agent on any teeth whitening product won’t work on caps, veneers, crowns or fillings. The best way is to go to your dentist and restore them first. 

As mentioned, there are many types of tooth whitening kits. You should know their pros and cons. Whitening toothpaste and foam work like cleansers that lift surface stains. They work best as supporting products after your dentist or the professionals, like us, bleach your teeth. 

Whitening strips are the easiest to use because you only need to put them on the surface of your teeth. Since they are only applied on the surface, they will only lift what’s on it. 

Whitening trays from PureSmile are soft, gel-filled thermoforming trays that mould to your teeth to remove dental stains effectively. For the results to last, it’s best to wear the trays for 45 minutes for a few consecutive days or as a touch-up when needed.

Know the At-Home Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Some at-home teeth whitening products can make your teeth more sensitive for around 48 hours. This is because when the peroxide seeps through the enamel, it reaches your nerves. If you feel that you have more prolonged side effects and notice your gums change colour, see your dentist as soon as possible. 

Different side effects might occur from other home teeth whitening kits. They should advise you on their packaging. So, read all of the information thoroughly before using the products. 

Know that Professional Teeth Whitening Service is Always the Best, Safest and Fastest

The professionals, like us, know the needs of customers, and hence, could provide personalised service. They are equipped with knowledge and training to ensure safe in-chair teeth whitening treatment and provide immediate relief if you have sensitive teeth. 

More importantly, most dental whitening professionals only use the maximum allowed strength of hydrogen peroxide to deliver the best and safest results. 

After the professionals administer the teeth whitening treatment, you can maintain your glowing smile with aftercare products that you can conveniently use in your house. 

A Complete Care Pack for at home teeth whitening. better and faster result

Other than using a tooth whitening kit, you can prevent yellowing teeth by avoiding teeth staining agents such as tobacco, coffee, tea, cola and red wine. In addition, practising good dental care and seeing your dentist twice a year at minimum could help maintain your pearly whites.

If you have more questions about dental teeth whitening treatment or want to schedule a teeth whitening treatment at one of our offices, please visit our contact page, and our friendly staff will get back to you soon.