About Us

Our aim at SmileBar is to provide a high quality, safe and effective teeth whitening service at an affordable price.
In a world where cosmetic self–preservation and image is becoming more central to our daily lives, we have decided to specialise in one element of this current trade.

Smile Bar teeth whitening Sydney & Smile Bar teeth whitening Melbourne

We have worked closely with leading professionals in this field and have come up with a truly amazing combination of products that give fantastic results.

Offering great value is very important to us so that we can make our teeth whitening accessible to everyone. Our products are 100% safe and fully comply with the US safety standards (FDA Approved) of the cosmetic directive and legislation as well as the Australian safety standards (ACCC guidelines).

SmileBar teeth whitening clinics locations


SmileBar teeth whitening Sydney CBD – Castlereagh street


SmileBar teeth whitening Melbourne CBD – Collins Street

There are many other stores carrying the SmileBar line that do not appear on this list because there are multi-lines stores.

About Teeth Whitening

about_img Teeth whitening has become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in Australia and we at SmileBar have developed a fantastic treatment that takes between 60-90 minutes and saves you hundreds of dollars compared to high street dentists.

There are currently a number of options available if you want to have your teeth whitened. Firstly you can visit your dentist, but this can cost you in the region of $800 to $1000. Secondly you can buy a variety of home kits that are on the market that require you to use gum trays, which have to be worn overnight for days or weeks at a time and more often than not are not efficient at delivering results.

However, now you have the option of using the SmileBar method, which is far more convenient and most importantly cost effective.

We have developed a treatment which is as good and in some ways better (low sensitivity) than the procedure you get at a local dental practice. We specialise solely in teeth whitening and constantly invest in the latest equipment, technology and training in order to perfect our system providing the best possible service to our customers. The results are far better than other over the counter or home whitening products.

The treatment we offer is very similar to that of a high street dentist. However our unique treatment 6% Hydrogen Peroxide formula.